Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Revelation.

Reading quitter by Jon Acuff. He is talking about the plan myth.

It's his determination that you need to dip your feet in the area of your passion (step 1) to practice (step 2) so that when the time comes to plan (step 3) you are better prepared to live out your dream.(the goal)

I have had a directionless desire to influence people.

I knew I was made to make a difference in people's lives I just never new how.

I never looked at my passion to be the catalyst of my dream.

I always assumed my passion would come once I discovered my dream.


I have long had a passion to write.

My first stories, I kid you not, were about my lego games. I would imagine stories play them out and write them out. I called them "Lego wars."

I still have those stories rolling around I still on occasion write stories involving those characters. I have maps and timelines all that was pointing to my passion.

How could I have missed it?

My passion is writing.

I heard John C Maxwell talk about how he writes so many books. He said he writes every day not a book a day sometimes not a chapter a day but he writes something everyday.

I would say that strategy is working for him.

So I gave it a try and I have committed to writing everyday and publishing this blog once a week.

Something happened I didn't expect. I can't not write everyday now.
As long as I'm getting input I have to output.

My passion won't let me do anything less.

If no one reads this blog ever I will be successful in my life simply by letting my passion be expressed.
I also intend to read some blogs to help me form better style and technique.

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