Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Batman VS Superman.

I just recently saw the latest batman movie and it was awesome.

It got me thinking about the differences between two of my favorite comic heroes, and the change that needs to happen in me in how I look at where I am.

Bruce Wayne is a man needing his role as Batman to fulfill his purpose.

In every incarnation of batman his is a tortured soul seeking value and acceptance in what he does.

I have lived there I have seen my job as role I must play (Bruce Wayne) while my true value and my real purpose is what happened when my kids go to bed (Batman) I have struggled to balance my need for things like a house and food for my family with the almost overwhelming desire to do something of real value.

If like Bruce I give into my need for purpose and make my identity that of my role, in his case Batman then I loose all the value that comes with small things like relationships and such, only small things mind you.

This almost happened to Bruce it almost happened to me but my Alfred my segregate father pulled me from that way of thinking by helping me connect the dots.

Now for Superman.
My most favorate of comic characters. He is a man who is not defined by his role as he defines what his role is by who he is.

That's how I need to live that's how I am going to live.

I know who I am and what God created me for and as such I can create a role that is an outward expression of an inward reality.

To further the parallel.

I may have a job that does not draw on the best I can give but as a wise mentor told me it allows me the opportunity to be ready to move into action when the time comes.

I want to throw down the gauntlet this week, for myself and any who read this.

I want us to live like who we are in Christ is what makes what we do valuable.

I want us to stop living like what we do makes us valuable.

See you all next week.

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