Sunday, August 26, 2012


I recently read a comic book series by that title written by an insightful and creative man named Mark Wade.

In his series he delves into a superman type character who was conceived in dysfunction and who never was able to overcome his origin of dysfunction.

Have you ever felt like you were set on a path of destruction or at least dysfunction and you cannot see how you will ever be fully clear of habits or temperaments?

I have, anger has a way of springing up in my life in a way that makes me feel like I will never be free of it.

I was raised in an anger driven home and as such my course was set with anger fueling my actions and passions.

It sub consciously became a stronghold in my life that anger was something I would "just have to deal with" I don't think that is biblical and as its not biblical it's not true.

Culture tells us some things can't be fixed so don't try.

The Bible tells us that God is all about redemption.

A famous story is that of Ruth the story is one whole book in the Bible.

Ruth as we read was a Moabite, a decendent of Moab who was conceived as a result of a insestual relationship between a father and daughter.

So the whole lineage of Ruth is dysfunctional to start. But God it seems does not believe in irredeemable situations because he uses Ruth to be in the lineage of Jesus.

To get back to myself for a moment I get into a bad place when I think that something God is working on is a disqualifier of me being used by him and worst when I forget that I have been redeemed from so much already.

Lord Jesus I pray for those who are trapped in the cultural lie that they are irredeemable.
That the path they were set upon is the only path that they have to walk.
Show them the grace you have shown me and let your love wash the dirt of the past away so they may see the plans you have for them and the way you would take them.

This week read Ruth and insert yourself into the story and see how God your loving father wants to show you that he is even now redeeming your story.

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