Sunday, August 12, 2012

Driveway Date

If your married this one is for you if your not them read this and remember.

A driveway date is not a new concept I have read about it and heard about it previously.

Now that I have two kids it has become a marriage saver.

Every Monday night Nicole and I block out time after the kids are alsleep and make time for each other to be with Jesus and we have it in the driveway.

We have modified the idea to meet our needs, at first I thought it was only okay I was thinking about what I could be doing instead.

But having time when all the "things" in life get put on hold has become invaluable.

For Nicole and I this is a time we now look forward to and value because it gives us quality time with each other and spend time praying and listening to a podcast sermon.

Every married person knows that a good marriage needs time put into it to make it successful.

Hence the driveway date night.

We also need to take time to be in communication with our heavenly father so this night fills in both of those needs.

If you have never tried to have one night a week where you and your spouse spent time away from it all getting closer to God then I challenge you to try it make it what you need it to be but make it purposeful and I believe that you will see fruit in your marriage and spiritual life.

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