Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter part 3. Scars

I have scars, I have two on my head from accidents and one on my side where my appendices was taken out. They are evidence of trama done to my body.

I have other scars to but you can't see them scars of things done to me that brought trama that in the doing left no sign and yet cut deeper and hurt more then all three physical incidences put togeather. We all have scars like that, scars of words without thought or with great intent.

We all know the emotional wounds that leave scars on our hearts and yet as I have processed my way through so much healing the scars that I have had the hardest time coming to terms with are not the ones I bear but the ones I have left on others.

You know what I'm talking about, we have all said and done things to others that have cut deep and left scars on those around us.

I have been moved as I have traveled the road toward the cross this year to look at the scars my actions have caused.

I have realised that this year what I needed to leave at the cross was my guilt and shame for the scars I have left on you and others I have met.

In Matthew 20:25,27 we learn that Jesus had scars from his time on the cross that stayed with his resurrected body. I think it was a reminder for those he encountered that it cost him something to hang there and yet as I have looked these last months at my scars and the scars I have given I can't help but realise that they don't matter. Not really, not any more because the scars that Jesus kept remind me today that I don't have to keep mine as reminders and I dont have to be ashamed of those I gave because his scars are the payment for both sets.

I have been asking what has God been asking you to give up this Easter at the cross and this is it for me.
I am giving up the scars I have given and the scars I have received and I am saying they don't matter not anymore because my savior kept his so I didn't have to keep mine.

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