Saturday, April 20, 2013


Merriam-Webster. Definition describes it as follows:

To recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of.

I didn't grow up feeling validated by my dad and therefore sought it out from other men in my life, only to be let down by their imperfection.


When we are validated we are seen as being able.


"Do I have what it takes?"

Who has the perspective to say yes or no to that?


Physics tells us a strong base or foundation is key to successful structure.

If that is true then the lack of an established base effects the success of in this case a boy becoming a man.

Who can build a boy to become a man?

Illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy.

Bringing to light the worth of something comes from knowing what that worth is can a person see the worth of another, I mean really see it?

Giving evidence of something requires knowledge of something.

Can we show evidence to another of how their being alive has worth with our human understanding?

I began to realize recently that I needed to find validation from my heavenly father and from Him alone.

I had been seeking worth, recognition and establishment from people and found I wasn't having my needs met.

Easy solution no human input only God input.

Hold on.

There is a reason that God chose to put human beings togeather in family units that make up communities we need something from each other.

But how do we balance the need for friends, leaders and peers building into us and the need to be established and built by God?

A new word has come into my space CONFIRMATION it's a powerful word.

Merriam-Webster defines it as follows:

The process of supporting a statment by evedence.

I see the need to have confirmations by those God has placed in our lives to support us in understanding what God has called us to and equipped us for.

Without confirmation we can be led into a place where we don't see enough of what's going on.

If we are moving in a direction without confirmation about what we are doing we can fall prey to pride and foolish action.

Our worth cannot be tied to what people think of us but are actions are needing to be subject to confirmation to help us.

I believe our God and Father who called us and establishes us will confirm his plan and direction from those he has put into our lives even if they don't know him personally.

Take away till next time.

Say this with me out loud.

I am established and given worth only by God my Father who sees me wholly.
No person can make or break me.

I need godly fellowship around me to confirm my gifts, talents and abilities to strengthen and support me so I can live out Gods purposes in my life with success.

Validated by your Heavenly Father.
Confirmed by those He's placed around you.

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