Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thermostat's and Thermometer's

I had an aha moment this week.

I had a conflict with my boss that left me feeling rather ticked.

I knew I didn't like how I was treated and knew it wasn't right.

Within two minutes I was doing the same thing to a co-worker under my supervision.

Wow how did that happen?

I was being a thermometer.

A thermometer is an instrument used to determin the tempature in room. I was being an instrument that was just reflecting the tempature.

That's not what Jesus called me to be.

As I said I had an aha moment.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me in that moment and I realized that I was letting outside input to determine my output instead of my output being determined by the Holy Spirit within me. My boss, who I see not being valued for his effort and care feels like he is treated poorly so I was treated and so I treated others.

That's not being who I am called to be.

I am called to be a thermostat.

A thermostat is an instrument that sets the temperature of the environment.

I'm called to set the temperature around me to change world by being in it.

This week think about how you are showing up at work, at home, wherever you are. Then ask yourself how's that working for me?

Are you being a thermometer, just an expression of what's going on around you.
Or are you a thermostat, a changer and shaper of your environment.

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