Sunday, October 28, 2012


I love a good swashbuckler film knights, pirates. I love the films where a son recovers his fathers sword or uses it to win the day in almost every movie that has swords and fathers and sons there is a passing of a sword from a father to a son in some way.

Robin Hood, Kingdom of Heaven, King Arthur, The Three Musketers it's a right of passage it's a symbol of manhood its a heritage of strength.

I have thought a lot about that passion why do I feel that way about an object and how do I make it come alive for me now. I don't have a sword and if I did I would just hang it on my wall, I dont have enemy hords at my front door, or dragons to slay. So sure if I had a sword I could pass it to my son but what meaning would it have?

In the time of history where a sword was used it meant a lot. It was practical and natural to have a sword and pass it on.

What legacy do I have to offer my son?
As he comes to an age what will be a symbol to him of manhood and a heritage of strength?
What will he look at and see battles fought against enemy's and victories over dragons?

My Bible.

It came to me that a Bible is that sword a Bible that has been used as it should will, like a well used sword, have some notches and look like it has been doubt with.

In this technological age I write this blog on my phone and read a bible off it too. Something can be lost when I loose "touch" with the word of God.

A while back I wrote about the Paige ceremony my friend has implemented for his sons there are two more ceremonies that follow.

The squire ceremony and the knight ceremony.

In preparation for sending our sons out into war I encourage you fathers to send them out armed with a well used sword that they can read notes and prayers and pass down and know where and when God blessed you and where and when you were broken and how you overcame.

In our lives there will be times when we are seeking the face of God our savior and we find him in his word make notes and date them not only will they help you but your sons as well bless them by giving them something more then just a symbol you will give them life and faith.

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