Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ask not what your church needs.

What makes you come alive?

I am a doer. I love to be busy and do stuff in church if I see a need I fill it if I see lack I pick up the slack. I have hidden behind a cloud of "serving" and have lost myself and what I was made to do.

I ask again, "what makes you come alive?"

I made a difficult choice in January I stopped volunteering on a specific team at church regularly.

As a doer I have had a really hard time with this lack of action.

For me I discovered that I had lost my heart in all my doing, I had lost what I was moving toward.

About two years ago I wrote a passion statement. I wrote down what I felt is what I am to move toward.

I had no idea how to get there with the ministries I was involved in and with what was available for me to be apart of.

As I have been going through wild at heart again I saw a question that gave me words to this last nine months.

"Ask not what the world needs but what makes you come alive, because that is what the world needs. "
A question posed in the book and DVD.

I altered it to church from world and in asking myself this question I found that I came alive by doing this (writing) and by giving myself to helping men to find where their passion lay.

Ask yourself this question.
"What makes me come alive?"
and stopped asking what are the needs around me.

I believe you would find that you don't mind doing some of the things needing to get done because you are not trying to come alive in them.

Out of your passion will come the desire to serve and to give of yourself to areas around you that have needs.

You will have passion and purpose and from that place sacrificial giving becomes a withdrawal from a full and ever filling tank.

This week ask yourself not what your church needs but "what makes you come alive" and do that and see what happens.

What do you think of this?
I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

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