Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wild At Heart part 1. A Beauty to Rescue.

A beauty to rescue.

An adventure to live.

A battle to fight.

Three passions that God gave to men that shaped them.

Yesterday marked the start of the Wild At Heart series at our men's breakfast.

What a time we had. I was a facilitator of a group and we unpacked the three passions and looked at how they could be implemented in our personal worlds of work and family.

Think of every movie guys like. There is always three elements to it.
A great cause that needs a hero, this hero fights to save the day and save his loved ones

Let's go one by one shall we.

A beauty to rescue.

That one may seem obvious to some but I really see there is a lot this covers. As a married man I have a beauty to rescue by my side but that is not broad enough.

Let's go deeper.

I believe part of this passion needs to be expressed by how we talk about and what we even think about women in general.
Matthew 5:28.

It's rescuing the beauty when we say stop and walk away from a conversation at work where the other guys are being crude in how they are speaking about women.

It's rescuing the beauty when we don't say insulting things about our wives and girlfriends around other people to make ourselves look or feel good.

It's not rescuing the beauty when we look at pornography or even just pictures where the objective is sexual arousal.

As a father of a daughter I also have the great responsibility of raising my daughter in such a way that she knows her value is not in how she looks or what she wears but in who she is.

I want her to see that she is beautiful and that she deserves to be seen that way by her future husband.

As a husband rescuing my beauty means helping her to know that she is valuable by how I speak to her and by how I speak about her.

If your single then how you speak about and to women will have a direct effect on how you will speak about and to your future wife.

As men we shape the world around us for good or for evil and God has given us a passion that needs to be expressed in an honoring way both to God and to women.

This week think about how you talk about women and ask God to show you how it is effecting your relationships with the women in your life.
It doesn't matter what you current relationship status is.

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